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Aussies and SPF
Skin Talk

Aussies and SPF

Wednesday, 02 September

“Doing all the crazy hours of research hours on sunscreens, I did not realise SPF was geographically specific. I know… MIND BLOW!”

How many of us have gone to travel overseas, packed in our nearly-empty sunscreen into the suitcase but then pulled it straight out as the images of opening a suitcase filled with streaks of sticky white liquid flood our imagination. I know I have… followed by a justified statement of “I’ll just buy that when I get there…. sunscreen is super cheap at the ABC store in Waikiki even though our dollar is basically 45 cents”.

I move on, carry on with my packing, but what I do not realise is that when I return “down under” the SPF40 I used effortlessly overseas is actually just shy of 15 as per American standards.

Forgotten about that big hole in the ozone above us? Yep, I thought so. I did too, because I would come back from my holiday and go down to the beach, get back home, look in the mirror and have a lobster-like lady staring back at me. I would think “wowza”, the ferocity of being dunked by so many waves must have really washed my sunscreen off. Waikiki beach is a lot more calm after all. Little did I know I was loading my skin up with tanning oil every 90 mins, thinking I was being sensible Sally.

When starting up Happy Hours skincare, and doing all the crazy hours of research hours on sunscreens, I did not realise SPF was geographically specific.


Most of you, like me, probably trusted in the fact that SPF was SPF and thought nothing more of it.

Don’t panic! All those mums out there that are having flashbacks of the above and have just become aware that were accidentally smearing their babies in duck fat in the 39 degree heat….what’s done is done.

I know you are thinking you border-lined on child abuse, but look, we have all accidently knocked their heads when putting them in the car seat.
Mummas, your secret is safe with me. Now you have a chance to move forward properly.

Purchasing Australian-made sunscreens or sunscreens from overseas that can be sold in Australia, is tested and regulated by the Therapeutic Goods Administration. So, ditch your overseas made products that have not adhered to our guidelines.

This is why sticking to our Australian-made sunscreen products is super important! So pack your reef-safe Happy Hours sunscreen and know you and the family are sun-safe on home turf or away holidaying*.

Kris xx


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