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5 things you wished you had more time for before the pandemic hit…that you still haven’t done!

5 things you wished you had more time for before the pandemic hit…that you still haven’t done!

Monday, 19 October

We are spoon feeding you all our favorite tips and recommendations!

Even if you just try one of them your past self will love you for it…after all… it was YOU who asked for this time in the first place!

Isn’t it all we used to hear? “I wish I had the time to but I’m just so busy at work” or “There are just not enough hours in the day”.

The overcommitments at work, extra curricular activities followed by a very crowded social calendar then abruptly flipped into a global halt. Now we are social distancing, trapped in our homes and uncertain of the future ahead. Easier said than done, but lets try and make the most of it by spicing up your 2020.

1. Spoil and make time for your kids, your partners, your parents, your pets!

When you are stuck in the rat race we all know it can be very challenging to find time to sit down and play LEGO with the little one when it’s already 6pm and there are 675 more things to do before the 730 bedtime. The rush kicks in and you start eliminating tasks. You sigh and look at the clock… 6:12.. ah well the dog will just have to be walked tomorrow even though it basically chewed through the outdoor setting today and I’ve played phone tag with mum the last 2 days but ill have to call tomorrow.

Well… we don’t have as much of this scramble at the moment so we need to cherish this time. We have been finding that the pandemic has created  more opportunity for social catchups that were usually inside houses, pubs or restaurants to be shifted outside. Bringing a picnic to a park keeps the pets and kids happy while the adults can keep a safe distance and enjoy the time all together.

2. Sacrifice a little “down time” in the name of positive changes.

It’s time to have that skin needling or peel session you have been dying for that will give you the days redness you couldn’t sacrifice. Also, if you colour your hair try and hold off for as long as you can! It’ll become so healthy you won’t recognise yourself! If you need a bit of freshening you after stretching it I would recommend going to a hair dresser that specialises in lived-in-colour. Anyone who lives in Sydney I highly recommend seeing Kirby at Pelo by Lago in Cronulla. She is unbelievable!!!!! My hair has never looked better or been healthier.

Another reminder when don’t have to wear as much makeup working from home, we can give our skin and shellac-damaged nails a rest! If you can give up a couple of things it’ll really repair the natural beauty that your body was born for!

3. Give your home a little loving to benefit you.

You now have the time to make a veggie patch, plant a herb garden or grow a fruit tree. Rosemary is so easy to grow, great for your memory and delicious on your roast potatoes… so why not! If that just isn’t for you, something as simple as cleaning out your wardrobe and donate it to the charity clothing bins or re organise and labelling the pantry, can be very refreshing! Obviously doing a complete renovation would be a dream come true but there are a lot of cost effective and simple ways to brighten up your home. Follow the ladies at Three Birds Renovations to grab some cost effective DIY inspiration.

4. Exercise more!

There are so many exercise facilities, online classes, beautiful walks to take. We all know it’s amazing for our mental health as well as our physical health and when we are super busy it’s usually the first thing that gets cast aside. Our 2020 pick is fluid form pilates. You can head to classes in Sydney or join an at home subscription. The challenges and results are enjoyable and beneficial on the mind body and soul!

5. Listen to podcasts!

Podcasts range from true crime to meditation or comedy. They are right at our fingertips but we are always in such a rush we end up listening to the same music library or countless ads on the radio with a million thoughts flying through our mind. If we have a change to learn about something new while prepping the slow cooker or mowing the lawn then we need to take advantage! We can choose a podcast that interests us and while we listen we build pictures in our mind the psychological benefits can be very positive. It’s an escape from the stressful times we have endured during 2020 and a really nice way to relax or do chores. Our fav is life uncut podcast hosted by the beautiful Brittany Hockley and Laura Byrne. It’s a really relatable, refreshing podcast that tackles issues that are really relevant and widely reached. These girls really know how to inform us, make us laugh, and offer valuable advice!


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